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I've been to about 6 walmarts, they were all a mix between poor and rich areas and they all had insane amounts of employees and there were cameras in nearly every aisle except for a tiny for one blind spot near the bike aisle. I'm just wondering if its even worth it to try to lift from walmart in my state at all.



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Trustwh0m wrote

I think that’s up for you to decide.

What is comfortable for one person isn’t for the other. Trust your gut. That’s the smartest move.


PotatoGoddess wrote

I lift a lot of groceries and basic necessities from Walmart. You can usually find a nice blind spot in the pets or houseware areas of the store.

It's worth it to me because each store I've lifted from has been considerably easier and less stressful than other stores.

Now, if we're talking about lifting electronics or something, I couldn't really help you. I've been wanting to lift electronics for a while, but most Walmarts seem to have them locked away nicely with tons of cameras overhead.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

you will have to use that blind spot, check out garden centers, and bathrooms. IF YOUR going to lift, only do it if your going to leave right away. You will have to see how the lp react if you do a mock lift.