Walmart Been Upgrading

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I’m not new to shoplifting, but I don’t do it regularly so I wouldn’t say I’m a professional. I haven’t been to my local Walmart for several months, but today I came to “buy” something small. They didn’t have it, but I took this as my chance to scope out the place. Before there were almost no cameras and everything sat around just asking to be taken. Now thats not the case because my Walmart decked its ceiling with dozens and dozens of cameras in every area (like its overkill), those mirrors along walls, and everything that people would typically lift is now spiderwrapped or locked in a case.

The front door people vary now as well. Some actually check your receipt and cart items. Luckily, there are some lazy people in the mix so I just need to time their shifts. The garden section still seems good as well.



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Thanksreddit wrote

Mirrors along walls? You got pics? As for checkers it's only fore items not in a bag.


ElectroKool OP wrote

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Oh really thats good to know, but might play around with it. Like theres entrances on the left side and right side. Checkers are on the right side, but its possible to leave through the left so I might do test runs to see if they check me if I go left with nothing, a bag, or a cart.


floobloo wrote

I noticed that too. A year ago i was fucking up every Walmart in my state so hard and now I'm scared to take more than i can conceal. I use to just mob out with cartfuls. I need new tactics I guess. I usually target well to do communities with staffing issues and dress in the local sports team attire to blend in on game day. I doubt all the new cameras they are installing are real. They couldn't staff enough people to monitor all of them. And Walmart is known for cutting corners.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

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you can also buy a small item to check if they will notice you, if not you might be good to go. Target has also been upgrading, and they are covering thier blindspots, I havnt been to the Mall targets in a while, so they couldve changed when i went last time.