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I’d really like to snag this one thing, but I have a lot things going against me. For context, I live in California and it’s been insanely hot these past few days so wearing bulky clothing isn’t gonna help. Also I’m a teenager who still looks like a 12 year old so I can’t necessarily get away with a huge tote or anything like that. I also steal on my own because I have no friends and go with my mom who knows nothing about this, so I am really really careful about not making the machine go off or getting caught.

Now my dilemma is that I want this face cleanser brush but I know for one that it won’t fit into my pocket or mini purse like I did with my other minor things so wtf do I do??



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Newt wrote

  1. Wear a little bit of makeup to make yourself look older. Don't go overboard and look like a clown, though.

  2. Wear a long, loose shirt over your pants. No T-shirts with slogans, because that makes people look at you to read the slogan, and makes you memorable. A solid color T-shirt is OK.

  3. Shove the item into your underwear in such a way that it won't fall out while you walk. Practice with similar-sized things at home until you get the trick down pat. Check mirrors to make sure the practice items you shove into your pants don't show.


lift_fever wrote

Maybe you could conceal in a shopping bag from another store?


ezoz wrote

I knew some dude that would get baggy long johns under jeans, tape them at his ankles so nothing would fall through then just drop shit down the long johns/underarmor or whatever you want to call it.