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Popman007 OP wrote

Electronics are tricky. I dont have tools but one is on order to remove tags. But using the barcode idea only works if you remove it completely. I.e. cut it off. So unless the cheaper kindle is significantly cheaper iy would not be worth it to buy just to remove the barcode.

You could try to remove the barcode in store and do it that way. But again lots of risks.

Other than traditional lifting (I am NOT the one talk to about this. I have no clue how people pull this off. They are fucking gods amongst man.) My only method on this would be #12. That way if you pull it off, you get it free once you return the other with the receipt. If you do it well a couple times before turning it in to get your money back you might end up with a couple extra to sell. I have done this to the tune of 12 -$100 keyboards 20- $60-100 Mice and about 10 cell phone cases.

Good luck.


ezoz wrote

Ok cool, I know Razer products aren't source tagged so those should be easy af. Thanks for the method, if I try it I will tell you how it went.