Anyone have experience at Joanne's fabric?

Submitted by Blackbookofsecrets in Illegalism

Im thinking I am going to have them cut whatever fabric I need and then continue to shop but pocket the fabric. Does anyone know if they have any sort of system to know who has what fabric? They usually cut it and give you a printed slip to scan at the front. How do they make sure you actually pay for it?


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Lifted_Hickory wrote

They don't. I lift from there all the time. I've literally walked out the door with one of their wooden craft crates loaded with stuff and no one even looked at me.


HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

I learned from the old Reddit group that the major corporate craft stores are possibly the easiest of all stores. If you can try and hit hobby lobby first if its in your area. They're homophobic and tried to sue in like 2017 that they didn't have to pay for employees birth control.


Macy5 wrote

Lol. Nahh you’re not forced to pay for it xD

Just stuff and go my friend :)