Removing spider tags

Submitted by Nippleripper77 in Illegalism

I've heard about using magnets and a s3 key, but would any of these set off an alarm when entering the store? Also, what are some other things to look out for whileusing these.



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Drshoplifter wrote

They won’t set the alarm off. Yes magnets or the key will work.


Yourlocallifter wrote (edited )

In most cases, it won’t set off the alarms but in very rare chances, some really high end stores will have alarms that detect magnets (e.g Hugo Boss)


Throwdown321 wrote

i saw those stalls with the sensors. you can still probably confuse staff by bring random magnets, from another store.


Macy5 wrote

If your Key have a chip in like.

Like you got it from Walmart. It might set off alarms

Yeah. Good luck