Does Walmart LP communicate with each other?

Submitted by BLee in Illegalism

Do the LP's communicate with one another while walking the floor?

If there's someone watching the camera's, do they relay information down the LP on the floor and vice versa?

What about between 2 LP's walking the floor?

Are they all in communication with one another?


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Lurkerz1 wrote

Yes that would be the whole point of them working together? The only difference between stores really is lower risk/theft stores will have a lone LP working alone so theres not the 2nd person relaying info from cameras where as high risk/theft stores will have anywhere from 2 all the way up to even 5 working together as a team. This is the reason people always say do not lift at stores that are in bad neighborhoods cause they will have more/better LP


BLee OP wrote

Ha yeah I didn't word that perfectly, but you still got the jist.

Was curious about what level of communication exists.

If you have LP 1 watching the cameras and LP 2 and LP 3 walking the floor, does LP 2 and LP 3 have communication with each other? Or is LP 1 relaying info down to LP 2 and LP 3?

I've never noticed an earpiece or comm devices before.

Maybe I need to look harder.


Lifted_Hickory wrote

Usually they will text each other on their phones, or call one another. The LP at my favorite WM to hit all wear those Bluetooth earpieces like it's still 2003. Makes them easy to spot because no one uses them anymore.

Most stores use earpieces and those FRS/GMRS radios.