Successful first lift, thanks for the help guys!

Submitted by Drogpard in Illegalism (edited )

i made a post a few days ago about lifting a controller, but after scouting it seemed a bit too much for my first lift, as i'd probably need a bag to conceal a controller.

i decided to just hit up a walmart, and i used a technique someone here recommended. I grabbed a cheap pair of headphones, and then picked up a random shitty item that was bigger than the headphones. I held them both in the same hand so the headphones would be hard to see, entered a blind spot, and came out with just the shitty item.

AFAIK no one suspected a thing and i just dumped the shitty item and walked out with the headphones in pocket.

its nothing compared to what you guys pull, but i'm just glad i didn't chicken out and managed to pull it off.

thanks for the tips my dudes!


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NewlyLifted wrote

Congrats! I’m fairly new to the scene, too. I’ve been lifting for about a month, been getting better and faster at it. You probably know enough to get the small items you want but if you really want to step up your lifts, these are all of the resources i used to be pretty proficient for a newbie. - General thread

Don’t know if you’ll use these and you’ve probably seen the ones but the others are pretty useful too. Good luck and stay discrete :)


Drogpard OP wrote

hey those are actually really good sources, cheers.


[deleted] wrote


Drogpard OP wrote

definitely think trusting my gut was the best choice here. either that or doing what drshoplifter said and staging things.