Submitted by Macy5 in Illegalism

I have notice or maybe it’s just karma or a coincidence

But after every lifting. Like big ones where I get $160++ clothing.

Like a day or 2 after that lift. Stuff happens in my family. Like out of no where day gave Mom silent treatment

Then my next big haul. Dad and mom faught and I got into the mix and put a few holes in the wall

I feel like. Something bad happens everyday after I lift lol

Like I don’t get caught and God punishes me at home :(


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GaldraChevaliere wrote

My advice? If your God punishes you for doing what you gotta do, find a new God. Hope things with your family work out.


Ant wrote

Keep stealing, it's the best way to disprove your hypothesis


Macy5 OP wrote

Yeah! I shall hit the them whenever I get a full day off :D


BeardedLifter wrote

Haha, sometimes I get killer headaches after a day at it and sometimes think that. But then I just think that's it's probably just the stress of it.


Drshoplifter wrote

That doesn’t happen to me when I lift. I’m not so sure if god cares about a sin that minor.


Macy5 OP wrote

Thank you ^___^

I shall keep that in mind


[deleted] wrote


Macy5 OP wrote

No no no.

They don’t know haha.

Mom kind of got suspicious but I told her I brought it off Facebook market for 70% off MSRP