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Macy5 wrote

Go to Home Depot and get neodymium magnets.

The round ones. Get like 2 packs (like 3) then you got yourself a work half of the time Home made Golf Detatcher


BeardedLifter OP wrote

Thank you, "bought" 3 packs today. Got them to work at Kohls on some, all at Old Navy and Mo-dells. Wouldn't do shit for any ink ones, but you are clutch as fuck.


Macy5 wrote


You welcome my friend :3

I also learned this on this site. Sooo I’m just spreading the words :D

Yeah. Like I said. Works on half of the time hahahaha


Xela91 wrote (edited )

Just buy a golf detacher


BeardedLifter OP wrote

Waiting for it in the mail :/ Can't wait any longer haha. Thx tho