Walmart After Dark

Submitted by Megalomaniac in Illegalism

Is the name of a porno that needs to be made. 😂

But in all seriousness...

I keep reading on here and elsewhere that "go to walmart after 10 PM" as if it's a free for all for shoplifters. Not including places that are likely to be high theft stores (like ones next to highways/bad neighborhoods/etc) is this REALLY that great of a time?

Realistically (or overly cautiously) what are the odds a typical Walmart has LP after 10 PM? Midnight? I'm paranoid as shit these days so would probably go at 2 AM, but Google shows after midnight is (understandably) the most dead hours for the store until about 7 AM so IF there's even a remote chance there's LP wouldn't it be better to go during a rush hour vs a dead hour?

Like what sort of percent chance would y'all guess based on personal experiences? (Many thanks in advance.)


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Lurkerz1 wrote

Honestly if you just wanna be hella safe enter Walmart like 3:10am-3:15am and be gone by 3:45am I can promise you theres no LP...i live in a high theft/methhead area with 1 Walmart which also happens to be the ONLY store open 24 hours in the town as you imagine it gets hit hard all the time late at night but I've watched in the parking lot and been here enough to learn at my Walmart theres 3 LP guys 1 works 7am-4pm next works 4pm-3am next works 4am-1pm NOW I haven't seen there schedule but I know for a fact this is what they work with 30 min range of those times. I typically hit them at 3:15am but another thing that helps me out is I figured out what vehicles the 2 late night/early morning lps drive and creatures of habit they always park in the same spot. Sooo if they happen to stay later one night for whatever reason I know there still at work and will simply wait.


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

It's just like when a business says that they open at a certain hour. Everybody doesn't all of a sudden show up. That's just the earliest that you could visit.

10pm just happens to be the magic number for a lot of walmart stores. (In my case, it's when the second exit is abandoned but still accessible and not locked)

But, just like Lurkerz, I prefer to visit around 2-3am. It's a preference based mostly around possible customer and LP population.


Drshoplifter wrote

The chances of lp being there after 10 are very low. your definitely good to lift at about 2 am. call and pretend to apply for overnight loss prevention job.


Throwdown321 wrote

i only get to go to a walmart on a rare chance that were eating somewhere nearby, we often come around 8-9pm. I USUALly prefer busy store hours rather than after hours, since your less likely to be watched anyways.