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Lurkerz1 wrote

Honestly if you just wanna be hella safe enter Walmart like 3:10am-3:15am and be gone by 3:45am I can promise you theres no LP...i live in a high theft/methhead area with 1 Walmart which also happens to be the ONLY store open 24 hours in the town as you imagine it gets hit hard all the time late at night but I've watched in the parking lot and been here enough to learn at my Walmart theres 3 LP guys 1 works 7am-4pm next works 4pm-3am next works 4am-1pm NOW I haven't seen there schedule but I know for a fact this is what they work with 30 min range of those times. I typically hit them at 3:15am but another thing that helps me out is I figured out what vehicles the 2 late night/early morning lps drive and creatures of habit they always park in the same spot. Sooo if they happen to stay later one night for whatever reason I know there still at work and will simply wait.


Megalomaniac OP wrote

Thank you. Truly appreciate it. That's a lot less stress & worry to... well, stress & worry about. lol Looks like I'm going to have a good night now.


Throwdown321 wrote

wow those lp must hate thier shifts, those are pretty long shifts. i wouldnt be surprised if most of them knew about shoplifters and chose to not catch some.