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Xela91 OP wrote (edited )

Asda mainly really easy . I dont have percific stores i hit . Just when im there and i am in the mood i take . I feel i have a nak for it so thats why i came on here to get tips to have a proper go at it . I really want to hit JD SPORTS the clothes i really like but over priced . So not paying haha


Uk_Lifts wrote

Mate be careful in JD they are bang on it in there well on top shop in my JD they av the changing rooms locked only av 2 rooms & it’s a big shop aswell they take the clothes off ya walk ya in & hang um up 4 ya & wait untill u come out then lock the room back up & there’s always pure loads of staff on the floor mines a no go 👎🏻


Xela91 OP wrote

My jd is in a shopping center . All staff are young aswell so i dont think they give 2 shits . I know they count clothes on way into changing room 4 items is max you are alowed in .