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Throwdown321 wrote

i have many close-calls since i only can hit targets, because thats only "walmart-esque" store in my area. most recent i only stole something from a small inner city target but wasnt caught. I was in a downtown inner city target a few years ago, i stole a tin of pokemon cards, i opened the tin and took all the cards, and codes right in an aisle, that was pretty stupid. but i quickly left or went into the bathroom to check for tags. as i was leaving and down the escalator, i notice the LP/employees were extremely on edge, and over heard them saying "person is moving somewhere around the store". however they did not notice me already leaving on the escalator, because i always hug the walls where the camera cant track me at all, so they cant predict where i will end up all the time. however subsequent visits had made the lp there extremely weary of people like me"backpacks, shifty looking pant". years before this incident i was leaving in a different target in a mall outside my city, as soon as i walked out the security towers beeped and i quickly ran, powerwalked out to the parking lot, and into my parents car, i kinda hid under there(inside the car near the seats), the thing it was those "meddlesome kids" that actually shouted out when the security towers beeped. ever since i couldnt risk those types of items i was stealing.