Catching lifter with public help

Submitted by ami_strange in Illegalism

In a local article in my statenews,there was 3 pictures of a lady lifting at Walgreens. The cops were looking for her for shoplifting. They showed 3 security video stills to show her picture to the public. I thought you can only be charged or taken in for shoplifting if you are caught leaving the store with the stolen merch on you. I did not know they could look for you with security images. Does anyone know anything about this,getting caught by police searching the shoplifter out?


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Drshoplifter wrote

They only do this if you take more than about 500 dollars of stuff. Even then they won’t always catch them.


NewlyLifted wrote

$500 in one day or could it be over a while?


Megalomaniac wrote

If they have video footage then it was probably the total across multiple trips. Built a case and what-not.


Throwdown321 wrote (edited )

most likely they stole more than 500$ in a day from different stores, since walgreen and some store can crosstalk with other stores in the area. and the ladies probably went back to the same store steal again, in probably less than a week. just to mess around with them, i would give them misleading tips, or disinformation.


Macy5 wrote

It’s just one of those petty thing.

Lifted at the wrong time. Wrong place lol