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ifthreewerenine wrote

Don't do that, man. That's shitty. That's like stealing from a library. Most schools actually need that stuff.


Gizmo wrote

Anything you can lift from a high school you can lift from a walmart. Don't take from a school....


BLee wrote

Yeah man don't do that.

And you're in High School. Focus on lifting skirts and shoplift somewhere else ;)


ThatOneGuyWithTheFace wrote

Unless you go to one of the absolute wealthiest schools in the country, that's just fucked up.

The ones around me can barely even afford enough laptops from 2005. Even the Macs in the computer lab are old. Schools hardly get any funding these days


Sorrynotsorry OP wrote

Very rich school. Very rich area. I was able to get a few projectors.


Throwdown321 wrote

are you going to that private school, its risky if you are a student. walmart is a better choice, because you might get expelled.


RandomNoob wrote

Yeah, I won't absolutely do that, even if it is the richest school in the country. It is against any types of morals and common sense. You are taking away tools that allows people to learn. The money you steal from them could benefit for others outside the school


ziq wrote

They said it's a private school. Stealing from a private school is like stealing from capitalism.


RandomNoob wrote

Yeah, I guess but I think it depends of the context still. Private schools system in the USA are run like a compagny but elsewhere, it's not always the case


Hermes wrote

That's just lame.


Drshoplifter wrote

I would absolutely lift from a school and wouldn’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong. They’re funded by the government and they have plenty of money. No the computers can’t be tracked unless it’s a Mac.