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Macy5 wrote

Lol. It’s not easy but good luck.

Amazon is getting smarter.


Killua101 OP wrote

I know bro lmfao. I wonder if this method would work for ebay but imma try and stick with amazon for now.


CeeCee18 wrote (edited )

I did it with a $650 iPad pro 2 weeks ago. I had to file a police report but I got the refund and my account is still active. My account is a 6 year old Prime account though, with plenty of legit orders and that was my first time trying it.

1.) Yes .

2.) It will tell you who it is shipped by (Amazon or third party) and if it is fulfilled by amazon below or next to the "add to cart" button.

3.) There is really no way to know. My $650 iPad was sold by a 3rd party vendor but fulfilled by Amazon and it didn't require a signature. I ordered a $1200 MacBook a few months ago and that required a signature. It may depend on the item or the value.


ElectroKool wrote

I like to do my scams at night. I haven’t done it thay much but when I do its on items worth a few hundred dollars. Usually I tell them my problems and they bring up the refund. But since Amazon is getting smarter I coax them into thinking a refund is the only option left.