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terrificbuilder wrote

no. look like a shopper is what I say. People will tell you "as soon as you grab the item get out" no way man that'll get you tipped off. Be casual. what I do is I load up what I want at my own pace/time and then when I'm good I'll look around a bit more and then just casually stroll out. I'll even stop at the exit before walking out, pull out my phone, check a message, and then stroll out.

Been doing this for 10+ years and never been caught.


highendlover wrote

I'd say anywhere from 15-20 if your not planning on buying anything. Just always act as if you belong there and you are gonna buy stuff. Never just grab a piece of clothing to take to the dressing room without checking out size and price tag because that will alert LP that you may be grabbing that item simply as a decoy for concealing another item.


Drshoplifter wrote

You want to be quick but don’t walk fast. It will draw attention.


gardcnia wrote

Be quick enough that they don't notice you loitering around in the store but slow enough so that they don't see you speed walking, grabbing an item and jetting.

Go in take your time to browse but ALWAYS have the item you want in mind. Once you conceal, get out asap. Don't stay in there for them to get suspicious. Like highendlover said, look at the tag and size etc. The longer you hold onto the item as well the more they'll notice if you're just walking aimlessly around with it.


Throwdown321 wrote

depends on what kind of store. 15-20 minutes is kinda too long, 10 minutes is pushing it, 5 min is the minimum you should stay in. it might help if you were pretending to shop, pretend to look at your phone while absently walking with the car full of your stuff you want to lift, and random stuff you dont. when your throwing random stuff, dont make it look like you are just throwing there without looking, inspect it for a few seconds then dump it into your cart. any store that has active lp walking around, dont stay in there more than 10 minutes. if your doing large walkouts, thats risky, better to do this at walmart. i always leave as soon as i conceal my items, if i linger around one place too long, lp will notice immediately, and will follow on camera.


Macy5 wrote

I just grab a lot of clothes.

Whichever I like and I can get the tag off. I take lol


zx1300 wrote

this was something i was wondering about too, thanks for the insight guys!