Mom is getting suspicious

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So lately. I been hitting clothing stores.

Getting me those good looking clothes(somewhat expensive~~$40-$80 MSRP per clothes)

I wear them when I go out. Then when I come back home. Mom saw me and questioned me.

Mom:” I don’t remember buying you these clothes”

Me: “ I brought them when they’re on sale. Like a while” back

Mom: “hmmmmm. How much did you get them for?”

Me: “ some I got from Facebook market. They still had the tag on and everything. I paid the guy like $20 for this and $15 for this. Etc etc”

Mom~~(gives me a suspicious look 👀) then just left it at that.

Mannnn. I feel like I’ll be busted by my own mom before the cops. Lmaooooo



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[deleted] wrote (edited )


Drshoplifter wrote

My mom is suspicious of me too. She wonders where I’m getting all the stuff I’m selling. I tell her some of it I just have and some is from a vendor


Uk_Lifts wrote (edited )

I’m glad I’ve got my own house feel for ya! Say you have bought them off eBay you can get clothes really cheap from there u can get listings were people sell a pile of different tops & jeans


ElectroKool wrote

Damn that sucks. Hope you don’t get busted. Also whats ur technique? I’ve kinda had it easy so I wanna learn better ways. The mall I go to has an isolated mattress department so I load up and walk through the alarm free doors.


RobbinHood92 OP wrote

Replying to ElectroKool (#56,240)

Hmmm. I shop from there before (paid cash)

Keep the shopping bag and use that to store your items when you “shop”

And grab a bunch of clothes. Like 15++ go to fitting room, remove security tag and pocket in there. Take like 3-4 max.

If anyone stops me. I’ll say something like. “oh I’m returning them but I don’t have the receipt”

Easy :3

Don’t get too greedy and be casual. be Cool 😎


RobbinHood92 OP wrote

Replying to Drshoplifter (#56,218)

Wow. You’re selling too?

Mannnn. I would like to start selling stuff but that just seems like a hassle and yeah....

It’ll be nice to get some money.

But most of the time. I take what I need/like


gardcnia wrote

i just say it's like knockoff clothes i bought on ebay or aliexpress. like for my quay sunglasses, calvin klein, victoria secret etc.

or i say i bought them second hand on ebay, depop etc


Ferrosplice wrote

Replying to RobbinHood92 (#56,256)

If you ARE going to say you borrowed it from a friend, make sure that your friend is on board. Last thing you want is getting busted because your friend ratted you out unknowingly.


Buddabuddacup wrote

That sucks man. My mom doesn’t even notice because I pocket small things down my cargo shorts’ side pocket or down my pants. I recently hauled a $75 timex from a closing store that didn’t even have an alarm on it but gave it to my friend for free lol she went ape shit


Sandboxgamer16 wrote

Replying to Drshoplifter (#56,218)

Hey. Since you seem to know something I'm tryna find out. How are you able to sell these things. Do you sell on the street, facebook market? Or do you use eBay? Just because I'm tryna make some secret cash 😉