Total noob's anxiety

Submitted by paranoidpanda in Illegalism

Y'all are gonna have a laugh at this but for real I lifted a couple of items worth a combined ten bucks max around nine months ago (we're talking October) and I still have the sweats when I think about it. I'm not cut out for life on the edge... Nothing happened, I didn't get stopped or contacted by anybody. I haven't been back to any store from that particular chain but I'm paranoid at every other chain's store because I feel like they might communicate? Like when I think about it I know it's very unlikely but I'm still afraid like I might get caught. So I'm here to ask you fine lifters if I can finally feel in the clear... so much anxiety for just $10 honestly not worth it lol



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Drshoplifter wrote

I’ve lifted hundreds of dollars at the same store several days in a row, sometimes even 2 or 3 times a day if I’m off. I don’t think you need to worry.


thief wrote

For $10 of stuff they're not going to launch a full investigation lasting 3/4 of a year for a thief who stole things that could be replaced by pocket change. You're okay, don't even worry about it. If nobody did shit to you as you left, don't even worry about your information getting out to other stores.

I wish you luck the next time you go lifting!


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

You should be fine. Worse has happened to me and they still haven’t (and are likely not to) contacted me.


Sandboxgamer16 wrote

I stole a can of alcohol on the day they did inventory check. I ended up concealing on camera. Later that day I walked in and took a usb charger. The next day I walked in and bought a drink and No one was following me and I never got stopped. If I got away with that. You'll definitely have gotten away with this


Throwdown321 wrote

sometimes i get disappointed when i steal less than 10$ of one thing, because i only come once a week, you will get used to it though.,


Buddabuddacup wrote (edited )

Combined $10? They wont do shit. I know that experienced people on this forum can lift $200-300 per day, but I just started like 2 weeks ago and today I got a $75 watch that was right in the open. Yet, I was just careful and did it with a group of friends for better chance of success. Anyway, good luck to you and happy lifting.