another knife lift (w/Story)

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Alright I'm done with lifting knives after this point I might just get myself a switchblade, lol. NEXT LIFT will be a HAUL, and this HAUL will NOT include a knife!

Nothing too spectacular happened today though. Hardware store, went to knife aisle. I was asked if I needed any help finding anything to which I responded with these exact words: "Nope, I'm finding what I'm finding." Genius. Genius speech u/thief. I acted like a customer counting things and texting so I didn't look suspicious.

Anyways after she left I eyed this beautiful push and flip knife so I took it (pictured). Literally walked out. Yep, not an interesting day but when I was heading for the mall exit these 3 black teenagers were being confronted by mall security. So now I know my mall has security.

I cannot wait for winter to start so I can reasonably wear thicker clothing. This means better chance of concealing large items like power tools. Let's Get Dis Bread.



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Drshoplifter wrote

keep it oiled so the spring doesn't rust up and break. or just lift another if it does break. lol


Throwdown321 wrote

sad to say, but black teenagers, or adults in generals are often sussed as shoplifter, and they often do shoplifting gangs, heists we all see on videos.


thief OP wrote

Replying to Throwdown321 (#55,938)

I've seen, but I overheard them talking to the security guard about "someone just pulled up on [them]" so it's probably not theft but then again I didn't linger around to hear what they said because I had to boost immediately