What was your first ever lift?

Submitted by thief in Illegalism (edited )

Mine was a single Kickstart.

I remember just walking into the dollar tree feeling nervous as fuck, looking around, snapchatting my best friend like "This shit's about to happen", took me maybe 15 minutes to get the courage to just like take the can and shove it down my coat, then left. I remember sending my friend a video of me leaving the store too. Shame I didn't save that. Good times. I then walked back to my house and logged onto r/Shoplifting on Reddit WHEN IT WAS STILL UP, and posted the image.

How bout you guys?

Edit: I still have the photo.



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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I can't remember specifically, but I used to steal a lot of collector's cards from shops when I was 10-11 years old by grabbing a bunch of the booster packs and then slipping a couple up my sleeves before putting the bunch back.


RobbinHood92 wrote

My god. Pokémon cards lol. I stole a lot of them. For my mother to throw them away xD


Throwdown321 wrote

1st lift was basically candy, but then it eventually upgraded to pokemon, and mtg, mtg i only stole very minimally, because there wasnt many places that sold them at the time. pokemon almost got me caught once. ive been stealing mtg for most of my shoplifting life, until after hs, i stopped 3 years after. than i went to pokemon tgc because they have codes for online purchases. I had to stop because target was my mainstay, and i only could go to inner city, however it has become more difficult since target constantly moves the cards around, sometime they are there 1 week and not another, thier lp and cameras have increased in frequency over the years.


Stealformyson wrote

A pair of socks. I just started lifting. Last night was my second ever. New to this website and have questions. Can someone direct me how to post?

(I wish they never took down r/shoplifting i know how to use reddit 😒)

I'm just super new to it and would love to post with what i've done so far and questions thanks :)


thief OP wrote

To post, there's a "Submit" button next to your username in the top right corner of the website. When you click on that while on f/Shoplifting, you'll be able to post.


youbuyingweselling wrote

i dont drink anymore like that but when i was 15-16 i stole a lot of beer doing walkouts with carts.


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

I was at walmart and noticed the exit in lawn and garden that was completely unattended, and the way it was set up it would be obvious if someone was trying to follow me. so I thought "I can do this, it'll be easy". i concealed a watch, took it completely out of the package and left through the exit.

Edit: obviously i was nervous and had the whole store figured out, knew where all the blind spots were. I burried the watch under a bunch of other food items in a cart then took the cart to my blind spot and concealed only the watch. was able to quickly cut it out of the package while checking my surroundings, not looking at the watch. could've cut myself. then concealed. all in the blind spot. took the cart to the exit in lawn and garden and walked to my car parked in the handicap spot 10 feet away


youbuyingweselling wrote

cassette tapes when they used to have long plastic security handles? to prevent theft.


gardcnia wrote

H&M undies for $5. Went back a week later for the matching bra


Yourlocallifter wrote

A pair of work gloves. I was scared as shit but I was still under control. I needed them for work so what I did was linger around the glove shelf and take one pair. I then went to the knife section and took a cheap $1 knife that would be able to cut the cord on the packaging. I cut the cord off the gloves in a blind spot, and since staff saw me holding a pair of gloves earlier, I grabbed a pair and paid for one and got the other free.


RagingDalak wrote

i took some earbuds from half price books. they literally dont give 2 flying fucks about inventory because they all hate their jobs


Sandboxgamer16 wrote

Wow this is going back a long time. My first lift was with my friend. He was highly against theft but promised that he wouldn't say anything if I did it once. So we went into a bargain store and i walked to the drinks whilst he chose what he wanted to buy. I then grabbed a drink and concealed (on camera by accident) and I walked past the tills and told my friend I'll meet him at the coffee shop. The staff were sus as fuck. But I didn't get confronted. I was shaking like fuck When I saw the police walking through the front door and walked as quickly as possible away. Fast forward to now and I can walk into a shop and steal technology and walk out with a bag of stuff. How time flies 😀


TendoIsKlepting wrote

I was 11 and me and my cousins took like 10 minutes to steal 2 packs of baseball cards, but i had yet to know from that a master of kleptomania would be born i went from baseball cards to money to jewelry to electronics and food


ziq wrote

Toys and comics and food.