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Is there any possible way to steal from bestbuy i know its like the hardest store but i wanna know what you guys have done.



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Drshoplifter wrote

I heard from a Best Buy lp guy that it isn’t that hard. Also they have a no hands no chase policy. If you go to the appliance section, there will be some tall isles there and it will likely form a blind spot. I would hide things over there and steal them the next day



I have heard of people doing run outs to


thief wrote

A run out is a stupid move, unless you wanna be exiled from the store for the next few years or maybe forever, and they're definitely going to pass your information on to the police. There's much smarter methods than a run out unless it's your last bet


Thanksreddit wrote (edited )

You have to case the store. Find out when the yellow shirt takes breaks and shift changes. That's your chance to lift to your hearts desire.

I've gotten everything I've wanted out of there including a switch, a PS4, every Bluetooth speaker you can think of and every earbud except the AirPods bc each store only has one pair if that

You don't just lift bestbuy but if you get the schedule down it's a cake walk. The lp is out right in front of you in a bright ass shirt. They can't make make it any easier


DontFuckWithTarget wrote

How do you case the store? The most I've done is wait until the LP is socializing with the other employees from across the store and conceal. But it'd be great to know about a shift change.

Also, on the topic of BB, how do you all take off the spider wraps, boxes etc. with out looking too suspicious?


Thanksreddit wrote

Go to the store and hangout for hours while it's busy. I'd normally spend three hours in a bestbuy just checking out random things so its not unusual to be there for a longer time.

My bestbuy only has cameras in the main aisles so you can detag down any aisle.


Drshoplifter wrote

dont do a run out unless your parked a lot or 2 over. theyll get your plates.