Submitted by Morninglor in Illegalism

My dillards have no secruity tags and free fitting rooms is there like hidden cams? Im planning to do a big haul soon.



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thief wrote

Not to sound rude, but no there's not cameras in a fitting room, tf? There's probably cameras outside somewhere near the rooms, but not in. Best of luck!


Drshoplifter wrote (edited )

No there should not be hidden cams. That is very rare and I have NEVER heard of a case where Dillard’s was using them.

Edit: hidden cams are more obvious than you might think. Most are disguised as an ordinary object like a smoke detector or a clock. They have to be out in the open so they can get the best view.


Azballer97 wrote

I believe that some states permitted cameras in fitting rooms...not 100% sure


MhikeiMPC wrote

Yep some states do in fact permit cameras into the fitting room. But you're still in luck. Some store policies don't allow this, and some policies don't even allow men to check women's change room.