Lifting in Europe

Submitted by PotatoGoddess in Illegalism

Any European lifters here?

I'm specifically interested in information about lifting in Germany, but also Holland, Belgium, France, and Poland.

Hell, England as well.

What is lifting groceries like across the pond? Cosmetics? Clothing? Electronics? What is the camera and loss prevention situation like?


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Drshoplifter wrote

Same as america, except the law there is much softer on shoplifters, so there are a lot more shoplifters there than here.


a7824 wrote

I'm from UK but I should be asking for advice not giving it. Unfortunately most people who post here are from the US


whatever wrote

German here, I frequently lift at Kik, they seem not to care much. I usually take a few pieces of clothing, make it look like I'm just looking through the store, grab a few other items I'm interested in and hold them in the same hand as the clothes, then I grab like a shirt maybe so I have the stuff I want to take between clothes. It's just precaution, I don't think staff actually watches you. I then proceed into the changing stall and move around a little so it seems like I'm trying on stuff while removing tags and putting stuff in my bag, usually use a backpack. Just don't make it too obvious. Then I put the rest back and leave. Never had anything happen. I usually also do that at Action in NL since they're usually huge stores and don't care much. Osterijk is also great for that. Huge place, no cameras, nobody cares.


PotatoGoddess OP wrote (edited )

I wonder why I've generally seen signifucantly less lifters from Europe and the UK in online lifting spaces.

I'm mostly trying to see how easy it'd be to lift some groceries at, like, Aldi, but I'd like to be aware of the level of difficulty at other stores, too.


Throwdown321 wrote

there were quite a few from the subreddit, most of them targeted tkmaxx, or costco equivalent in europe. They do have security measures similar to the usa though.


Drshoplifter wrote

Walmart is my favorite store. They’ve got everything I need, and security isn’t too great. The methods I use typically work well in larger stores too.