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Drshoplifter wrote

I always use a faraday bag. Tags can be hidden pretty much anywhere.


a7824 wrote

I don't lift cosmetics but I lifted some markers and they went off when I walked out. Turned out there was a sticker with really thin metal foil stuff that set it off. I wasn't very careful because I didn't even check but it looked like an ordinary sticker. Idk maybe you weren't thorough enough or maybe they have extra sneaky hidden stickers. If you're serious get a booster bag


Throwdown321 wrote

You could have hidden rfid tag, like a special sticker, or got one stuck on you? Also check, somethings you other security tags from other stores stuck on you, i had this happen to me several times.


rexmanningday wrote

I usually grab my makeup from walmart-I know NOT HIGH END--or whole foods (super easy and great stuff), or CVS. I want to try ulta today or sephora in jc penny bc the employees are so f-ing rude there!!