Caught shoplifting and they called my mom..

Submitted by naxward98 in Illegalism

I took $20 worth of merchandise from Lowe’s and they got my license plate number and contacted my mom since the car is under her name. Now they want me to come back to the store on Monday and I have no idea what to expect or what to do,, can anyone give me any advice? I’m so freaked out about this guys oh man



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Stealingisfun6669 wrote

Did you obviously conceal something? Bought something and stole? Bought nothing and stole? Or what?


Istealurshit69 wrote

we don't have enough information, how did they catch you?


DamnScalper wrote (edited )

Simple, just don't go to the store on Mon. Just avoid that one for quite awhile.

If they call again, tell them to eat a dick.


sudo wrote

If you're in the US, they are probably trying to send your mother a civil demand letter. This is basically a letter saying "Pay for what you stole, or we'll sue you for it." These are almost always empty threats. The company is hoping that you or your mother will be intimidated by the letter, and pay for the stolen goods. If you don't, they almost certainly will not waste their time on a lawsuit over $20 worth of merchandise.

If they were serious, they would've gotten the police involved already.


Coolguy48 wrote

I've never been caught but it sounds like they just want you to give the stuff back


J1534 wrote

I'd just pay the $20 before they decided to try and sue which is stupid if you only stole $20 worth of merchandise they should just drop it because there's no case to be made