Submitted by ezoz in Illegalism

So when you get spider wrap off with a magnet, where do you normally hide it? Underneath the shelf or just throw it up on the shelf in a blind spot?



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ezoz OP wrote

Also i realize you can just smash a corner of a box and slide it off


Coolguy48 wrote

Huh i diddnt know that it makes sense besides the chance of an employee or customer seeing you hitting a box against something and being like "what the fuck"


braketheboxes wrote (edited )

You could use chewing gum to stick it somewhere or wrap it in a piece of paper like trash and throw it in a bin


gangshittttt wrote

wear a hoodie put it in front pocket then go near a trash can and throw it away quick. or use a fastfood bag or cup to put it in then throw it away. or you can leave it there