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this method has served me well and I want to share it with yall. so what you want is a sweater/sweatshirt/long sleeve shirt. you look at your glassesr and pick it up pretending youre looking at it. when times it right use your opposite hand from the shirt youre putting the glasses in to use your thumb and index to pull the cuff of the shirt down, use your other hand to slide the glasses into the shirt and the cuff of the shirt should hold the glasses in. even if camera sees you it is so smooth that they have no proof it was you



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LiftinLooknLikeASnack wrote

Im trying my best to comprehend this. Is there a vid somewhere maybe? Sorry and thank you in advance.


Cmbtmstr wrote

Basically, you take the glasses off and slide them up your sleeve...


Drshoplifter wrote

Lp could easily spot this if your hands are visible to the camera. Sleigh of hand tricks have to be GOOD. maybe if you had several pairs of glasses and a jacket over your arm to cove your hand this would work.