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BusinessGuy123 wrote

There are also ways to mitigate your risk once caught. Like of course run, maybe fight your way out of it. I feel like if their trying to restrain you & you only fight to the extent to escape it'll be VERY unlikely that you'll be convicted for assault as they'll be the once who initiated physical content. These steps can further reduce your odds of getting in trouble once caught.

Let's say just running or saying no gives you a 90% chance of getting away once caught which is about right as most loss prevention are discouraged from physical contact or aren't paid enough to try & prevent you from leaving aside from saying stop & come with us. Then maybe fighting your way out of it physical situation is 50/50 odds of escape, so the likelihood of escape once caught goes to about 95% which is the best you'll get.

However stores like Home Depot have beefy security & very physical loss prevention. You could increase your escape chances by avoid these stores. There are a million factors you can optimize you enhance your probability of not getting caught & then of escaping once caught.