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I've been shoplifting for about a month now, and I've come to a realisation that it likely will never be easier than it is now because I've never been made, or suspected, or questioned about shoplifting as of yet. All the news articles I read about people having trouble with the police have often had multiple arrests already, and are well known to multiple stores, so keeping myself off the radar seems of the utmost importance.

To that end, I've been thinking how to change my look so that if I am made at any point, they won't have an accurate description of me, so I can come back another time and/or avoid police.

For example, I'm bald, and clean shaven every day, but purchasing a fake wig might go far in throwing LE off track. Taking it a step further, a fake silicone nose, fake beard/moustache makes for an interesting thought experiment. Today, I checked out the semi expensive silicone masks you can get off aliexpress, but they seem to give off the uncanny valley effect, so I think it will attract too much attention. Same could be said for fake henna face tattoos.

Any thoughts on this? I can't be the only one who has considered this type of approach.

I've been giving it more thought as at first I have been only taking food, primarily meat and other food, as it's an instant saving because I don't have to spend my own money, but as I'm growing more confident, I want to branch out to shoplifting more items, amusingly, I somewhat see this as a potential business venture.



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intellectual wrote

As for right now, wear a mask, & possible a wig, & draw on your skin a fake tattoo. The tattoo can easily prove your innocence if on camera, if ur arrested. You point out that u dont have a tattoo like that person.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

If camera footage doesn't clearly show your full face, they just don't have enough for an arrest in the first place. So a baseball cap and face mask should do.


intellectual wrote

Wrong. It's possible to be pinpointed & caught even with a mask, ask any bankrobber who's been caught. Especially a mere partially covering covid mask. Point is, they may not be able to convict u with a video alone of u wearing a mask, but it still can cause the cops to suspect you, follow you, & then that will lead to them finding more info & building a case. So wear a fake tattoo,etc.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

You need to stop watching movies. They're entertaining but are out of touch with the real world.

Bank robbers are either caught in the act or never caught. Ask any bank robbery detective. So we're clearly not talking about the same thing.

I'm talking about someone who's got away clean. Go ahead, do your research (I'll wait), and then come and tell me how far the police get when they ask for the public's assistance in identifying an ATM robber from just a released picture of robber wearing a mask and cap.


Dazey wrote

Yeah but c'mon lol... its retail not bank robbery.

Unless you're tryna go pro this is a pretty small risk.


Dazey wrote

Focus more on small things that mess with facial recognition. You'd have to research it for flaws, as I'm not directly familiar, but there are quite a few to exploit.

One of the biggest issues is aggregate damage at one chain.

One facial rec pop, and they search for you amongst their existing data. (Wal-Mart does this for sure, not sure who else)

SO let's say you steal a pack of gum and get caught. By itself, a ticket and gtfo, but Wal-Mart puts your face in its system and suddenly you're nabbed for several thousand in gum and catch a felony.

Stay frosty


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

You sound like you're trying to commit armed bank robbery, movie-style.

Wigs fake noses? That's a lot of trouble for just retail lifting. None of it's necessary. If you're lifting from grocery stores, you won't ever be made if you're careful in how you do it (most of them have no actual LP).

If you're trying to lift something big or expensive from say, hardware or clothing stores, you should not plan on going to the same store for a long while anyway, EVEN IF you get away clean. For a $500 item they may want to review camera footage and if they make you and keep an eye out for you, they'll recognize you even with disguise (you simply look out of place and/or have the same body/walking style etc.)

Not to say that any of this will automatically land you in trouble but lifting expensive stuff too often from the same location is asking for trouble.