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deeppurplehazedream wrote (edited )

used the self check out to steal about 180 dollars worth of groceries at Walmart

I believe her story. I've had all sorts of problems with cash-type machines, like ATM's not giving me the correct amount of cash, self-checkouts not printing, etc.. And importantly here, the judge threw the criminal case out on Walmart's flimsy claim.

...the trial featured testimony that Walmart and other major retailers routinely use such settlements in states where laws allow it, and that Walmart made hundreds of millions of dollars this way in a two-year period.

I hope Walmart has to pay her the full amount. I presume most of the 2.1 million are punitive damages. These civil suit threat letters sound like nothing more than extortion. But, of course, it's legal and appears to be quite profitable for Walmart. Most people aren't going to spend the time and effort to fight Walmart (and other retailers) through the legal system. I think because I wander around stores like I'm in a capitalist wonderland I feel like I'm being watched. I think what I'll start doing is act "suspicious" and waste the LP's time or whatever. Not much I know, but still.


lettuceLeafer wrote

. I think what I'll start doing is act "suspicious" and waste the LP's time or whatever. Not much I know, but still.

I do this too. It's quite fun. Pro tip use a backpack instead of a cart or bag.


flingwingin wrote

btw is it illegal to move items around? i spent my black friday moving expensive things in target to other areas and acting suspicious, very fun and relaxing

10/10 recommend


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

It's a stupid thing to do if you're aiming to be a successful shoplifter, because in that case the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself; that much should be obvious, ... if you're not smoking something.

As for it being illegal, there's no shortage of catch-all charges in criminal codes, anything from defacing property to just garden variety mischief. Not that it matters. You are on THEIR property so if you trash it they're within their right to ask you to leave, and to kick you out if you refuse.


A_Plus OP wrote

I agree, why would you want to intentionally piss off or troll LP and security who may have a weapon and could physically harm you. Some of these LP and employees take the job way too seriously and are looking to pounce on anything that is slightly suspicious. All of us here hate LP, but our goal is to lift as much as possible without getting caught, not play childish pranks on LP.