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Demona wrote

When you say ring your stuff up wrong, do you mean label switching? I do targets and have for years, but especially if it’s something like label switching I would space it out and/or alternate with other target stores too so it’s not just one that you’re regularly hitting. Self checkout is generally a terrible place to be lifting /discounting in that way, but I do it sometimes. I guess it would depend more on the specifics, how often you do it, how much $ you’re dealing with, what types of products etc


wickedawesome OP wrote

I'm not sure if it's label-switching, exactly. Is that not where you swap labels on store shelves and then ask for the price you've moved onto your desired item? Basically what I've been doing most of the time is grabbing one pack of trading cards ($4) and a bunch of premium packs that look similar ($25+) and then I ring them all up as the standard fare. The more expensive ones are much more likely to have something I can resell for $100+ and the items' name on the receipt is pretty indistinguishable. On one other occasion I did just take a big ol' box of cards to self checkout, holding a box of mechanical pencil leads underneath over the barcode. That boy made me $200 but I don't think I'd pull that again. The rest of my runs are paying $15ish for $100ish worth of packs that resell for ~$60.