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halfway_prince wrote

don't be a class traitor.

steal from companies not people.


theremedyman wrote

Can you check the balance? If they have any branches whatsoever write a check to yourself then go to their branch and get cash. If you can't see the balance call them. Tell them you were paid with a check and want to verify funds. Do not deposit it into your account and again. Go to their Branch for cash. Find out if they partner with a bricks and mortar bank. If they do then same applies


DontBeStupidCrimeSmart wrote

You must either be a kid who has no clue how banks work, not have a bank account or just too stupid to realize everything you suggested of this advice is beyond stupid.

1.Never write out a check in YOUR NAME always write it out to cash but don’t do any of this period as banks require an ID and often times a fingerprint when cashing a check and doing so you just handed the police all the information needed to issue a warrant for check fraud once the account owner discoveres the fraud.

  1. Banks will NEVER give out the personal information including balance to anybody except account holders and authorize users and don’t bother claiming to be the account owner as you’ll be asked security questions only the account owner will use.

  2. The only option this OP has is to make a wire transfer from the breached account to another banking account but again that will lead the police right to your door as you’ll need your own bank account access to receive transferred money which the bank will have on file because why?

If you guessed because you had to show ID in order to open said account which the bank will hand over to police to come arrest you then ding! Ding! Ding! You win!

So no there is nothing you can do with the account that wouldn’t lead your eventual arrest.


theremedyman wrote (edited )

I was in banking 20 years bud. First of all I said verify funds not ask them the balance. There's a subtle difference. So you can get in the ball park but not exactly no. But you can call multiple times to large banks as different people and get pretty close. Secondly mea culpa, I assumed one would use a fake ID for OP' however I. then started talking about in general circumstances without clarifying i was no longer referring to OP. My mistake. But i'm at probably 3-400,000 ahead in peeling banks. He could also order from amazon email instant gift cards which are non refundable. Tbh not to be a dick but you are the one knowing very little. 20 years in banking and you think you know more than me. So hmmmm 350,000 I've scammed them for. What's your #? Incidentally I hope you've done well. Banks make 14.6 billion a year on overdraft fees alone. Who pays over draft fees? The rich?


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

Have to agree with DontBeStupidCrimeSmart

If you've been in banking 20 years then you should know that you need valid photo ID for cash withdrawals at any bank and they're gonna write down everything about that ID in the back of the check (source: myself, worked as a bank teller and had to do this for a year and a half). So this only works if you have a fake ID in another name, that's good enough to fool the teller.

By the way, count yourself lucky in the US because banks in most western countries don't do check cashing any more. It's ancient and ripe with fraud opportunities (think about it: anyone with somebody's account number can order checks).

Not only do banks NOT give out account data to third parties, they also don't 'verify funds'. At least the bank I worked for didn't and it was a major national bank. I've never heard of third parties being able to verify funds with a phone call to a bank.

I'm not doubting that you've been peeling banks, but whatever you've been doing in banking, you're probably NOT in customer service.


theremedyman wrote (edited )

Stockbroker so right you are. But I also assumed one would use a fake ID and should have made that clear. I just assumed that was somethng that needent be said its so obvious. My mistake. Based on your comment I've edited to clarify. But yeah. You can verify funds. I got a business account the other day from Wells Fargo and got exactly what I wanted. I'd say your bank is in the minority. As I've yet to be turned down as all I'm doing is asking if my check will bounce and if so I won't deposit it. Ofc I wouldn't anyway BC as soon as there is enough I'm getting cash