Submitted by rhs in Illegalism

The reasons aren't important here - we've all posted them. But if you would love to "return the love" that your "handler" dished out - suggestions appreciated for your best: phone revenge, in-person revenge, retaliation, practical joke, etc. All safe & harmless - nothing dangerous. Remember the saying: "Revenge is a dish best served cold."



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realLeviathan wrote

stole anything I can on the office (usb, pens, alcohol) in my last day of work


Demona wrote

Is it revenge for something not very recent that happened?


Iroh wrote

Very small and petty, but I use my email flooding program to send them thousands of spam emails and text messages


Iroh wrote

It's actually pretty easy if you know a little python. I used gmail's smtp servers and added threading for multiple accounts. [](This should help you get started)