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Maybe it's all the false alarms or the fact that I'm in a state with weak shoplifting laws, but I've never been approached a single time. I've been at this for months now.

I don't want to push my luck though, so I'm looking into making faraday-lined pockets for lifting.

Anyway, what's your experience?



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Almonds wrote

I worry they’ll check back to those who set the alarm off with the security cam and then follow that person. Time consuming, but if they had large shrink maybe they would do that.

I try to remove all the tags before crossing the towers but a few times it rang anyways, once I made a shocked expression and an employee just looked at me and said “you can just go” haha. No one has stopped me yet, but I time my exits to another shopper sometimes and don’t really stop even if it rings. Also I try to exit when no sales associates are around.


bombastershop wrote (edited )

your question is formulated very strange, you probably have a poor idea of ​​how it works. accidental activation of anti-theft systems are rare. but not in every store you will be stopped or caught up if you have already taken to the street.

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