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After renting the trucks I will play a game I call musical license plates where I use at least three vehicles in creating a confusing puzzle for LE to figure out. But here's my question; can I disable the speedometer? They charge $20 a day but 80c per mile. The 80c per mile will kill me. I'm wanted to disable speedometer and am guessing I'll need to use a GPS jammer to circumvemt their tracking? Amy thoughts and advice greatly appreciated. Remember. Crime doesn't pay. Stay in school



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DontBeStupidCrimeSmart wrote

That’s called an odometer, a speedometer shoes your speed not miles and no not without messing with the whole computer system which requires a specific device to access.

If this was predated before we had display odometers when cars used actual dials you used to be able to roll the odometer back a lot if crooked used car dealers would do that to trick people into buying a car that only had 45,000 miles on the dashboard but in reality had over 100,000


Lazyninja wrote

Disable the odometer... depends on the make and model. Some have a device that you can install and it keeps milage where it is... or buy a $1000 "odometer correction" tool and it takes about 5 clicks on an iPad to change it... just email the seller if it works for that specific vehicle.