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The way I see so many people go about shoplifting is wrong, or involves missed opportunities, in my opinion. For beginners I wouldn't generally recommend repeats, but my philosophy is If you find a good place, make the most of it!

It depends on the place of course. For t*rg3t I would NEVER repeat, or at least space it out by a year or longer. But some stores are too good to pass up. In fact, I would argue that it's safer to repeat certain locations than to explore uncharted territory and end up in unfamiliar situations looking nervous, not knowing your escape route.

There's a saying, it goes "a man can never step in the same river twice, because it is not the same river, and he is not the same man". Very wise words. Whenever I go back to the same place, I make sure to disguise myself. Did I prance in there last time, with blue shirt and bright sneakers, then lift from the electronics section? Then next time I'll slouch in there, looking depressed, wearing heavy clothes and boots, then lift from the razor section.

Take advantage of my advice while you still can, while it still makes sense to wear masks.



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BigThief wrote

I would disagree with you. If you take the time the location can be as familiar as you make it. It all depends on how much time and effort you want to spend looking into the area.

The best way to repeat is to repeat on a single product. Visit ever store you know is 'safe' and clear out the material. Don't touch that chain of stores for a year or more.

Eg.. Two years ago I picked up a hoard of Google Hubs. Spent the entire day and collected over a 100 of them. There is no need to visit HD again.

You should always shift what you are lifting.


Jackel198 wrote

You are exactly right!! Get it while it is good!


FredDurstsHat wrote

I like this generally. Be ready for someone to come ask you to source every thought like its an indictment of the president though apparently.


theremedyman wrote

Idk. I hit my local Lowes 3x every day. But I'm not the same person. I use masks, hats, glasses, sometimes I walk slow sometimes fast. Sometimes I limp sometimes I use a cane etc. I'm going on five years and haven't even felt hot.


Demona wrote (edited )

Where do you get masks, do you mean like face masks (silicone?) the ones that look sort of real and you can stick it over your face?


theremedyman wrote (edited )

Search old man mask on Amazon. Silicone is to pricey so use latex Then you need a neck gaiter a hat and a surgical type mask. There's three places where you can tell if someone is wearing a mask; the eyes and the mouth and the bottom of the mask at your neck. A Surgical mask if placed correctly covers both the eyes and mouth the gaiter the neck. They Can only be worn in colder weather. You'll be dead in 3 minutes on a hot day.