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So basically current drug addict looking to boost for my habbit. Only thing is im not just any booster I like to think deep, smart, and out of the box. I go for low risk high reward kinda come ups. So I was sitting outside lowes browsing through this forum and It made me think what are the odds that I can grab a 3-$500 tool combo kit and go into garden and throw/slide it onto the rack that has pallets and other items for putting on display. Wait til closing hours then bring a 5 gallon bucket, make 4 snips in the gate with cutters and slide the package out. Even could use small mini zip ties to wire it back up after I got the package inside my car parked at a undisclosed spot with no cameras to show where I came from? Any advice or tips.. Or possibly would this become a felony just because i cute the gate?



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lettuceLeafer wrote

In most states in the US that is a felony breaking and entering charge. Often times with maximum penalty of 10 years or more. Btw

No comment on it's effectiveness tho


FredDurstsHat wrote

I'm going to side with LL. This is a good plan under ideal circumstance. I think it's a greater risk than just grabbing them and running though. Sometimes the more simple plans work best. Either way good luck, and happy hunting.


FredDurstsHat wrote

A lot of law is interpretation. I think you could MAYBE get away with your plan once, but in order to make sure it went off without a hitch you'd have to be at that store to figure out exactly the right place in the GC to do this at. If you were to get caught, they'd probably have the evidence to nail you. I'd just do a walkout.

Just my thoughts, based on MY experiences, and overall my opinion. Be safe comrade.


lettuceLeafer wrote

I only know some of the legalize for some states. But in my knowledge there seems to be 3 parts to breaking n entering

1 knowingly trespassing

2 trespassing while carrying or using tools such as bolt cutters lockpicks ect

3 trespassing to commit a crime

Trespassing can differ state by state but often it requires you to have knowledge that you aren't allowed in an area. There being a gate would be the indicator you are not allowed to stick your arm through.

Tho dot just take my advice. In the US looking up many criminal laws is very accessible just look up breaking and entering laws in "insert your state here".

Often times the first result are from a law firm summarizing the legal documents in an accessible way for most people.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about

Heck in this article one of the examples is if breaking a car windows so you can grab a wallet in the seat but never enter the car is breaking n entering. Which is very similar to what you are talking about.


BigThief wrote

This is a terrible idea:

  1. You are lifting a product that is highly stolen and are immediately watched.
  2. Garden can have cameras.
  3. Lowe's have overnight stockers. You are not guaranteed that garden will be empty.
  4. Once all the night stockers are on shift they lock the doors. You will trigger an alarm unless you know how their systems work.

Lifting is not that difficult. There is no real thinking out of the box. There are only about a half dozen ways to lift. The only thing that changes is scale.

Why not kick the habit and use a recreational drug that you can grow or cultivate?

Be careful lifting when the habit is fueled by drugs. You greatly increase the chances you will make a critical mistake.


Trizzle OP wrote

I was talking about the fence that separates the outside to the inside of the garden. No need for opening any doors. Just 3 quiet snips. I know what you mean about they watch you. They are trained to detect thieves and with time they notice common things that are red flags that will make them watch you. For instance going straight in and going directly to the power tools already knowing what they wanna lift. I think about everything down to even the smallest of details tht could make it or break it. Like they are not going to keep their eye on you if you first take your time and act a little lost looking for what you need. But when you find an isle that would immediately have lp or anyone watching cameras to immediately take their eyes off you. For instance am isle with only cheap things most expensive things is $12 on the entire isle so you are immediately no longer a threat. So from there you have a little grace period to move move move get the big ticket item an toss it up onto the shelf out of sight for easy access at night with fence cutters.. And right put garden you go now its a matter of patience for your money. Can even list it on offer up while you wait to find a guaranteed buyer. Thats if ones not already found and listed before knowing what sold.


chris2c wrote

just put one in a cart and walkout the garden section when the cashier is busy...home depot is even easier


syster wrote

So basically current drug addict looking to boost for my habbit I like to think deep, smart, and out of the box.

So if you really like to think deep, smart and out of the box, your aim would be to learn how to either heal your addiction and what caused it, or you'll learn how gain access to drugs that costs you nothing or nearly nothing. What are the drugs you are addicted to?


Demona wrote

I can’t believe that you thought this was a good idea, let alone a “genius idea”. The way that you refer to yourself and repeatedly mention that you “think out all the details” is just a sign that you’re overly confident in yourself and I guess you think that other people don’t think about things when they lift.


DontBeStupidCrimeSmart wrote

It’s be a felony just cutting the gate as that’s considered burglary and as for the pallet idea it most likely won’t work as there are usually a overnight shift that come in and do restocking of the shelves for the next day so by time you got there it’s probably be gone.

Not to mention they’ll eventually find those items kitting on the pallet and wondering why it there which might prompt theft prevention into Looking at the cameras which will then show you putting them there and then from there would be able to back track where you entered the building getting a description of your vehicle if not the plate.

You’d be better off just picking two up and walking out the door with em as most stores like Walmart, Home Depto ect aren’t allow to attempt to hold you but they’re allowed to follow and could get your car and plate