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Trizzle OP wrote

I was talking about the fence that separates the outside to the inside of the garden. No need for opening any doors. Just 3 quiet snips. I know what you mean about they watch you. They are trained to detect thieves and with time they notice common things that are red flags that will make them watch you. For instance going straight in and going directly to the power tools already knowing what they wanna lift. I think about everything down to even the smallest of details tht could make it or break it. Like they are not going to keep their eye on you if you first take your time and act a little lost looking for what you need. But when you find an isle that would immediately have lp or anyone watching cameras to immediately take their eyes off you. For instance am isle with only cheap things most expensive things is $12 on the entire isle so you are immediately no longer a threat. So from there you have a little grace period to move move move get the big ticket item an toss it up onto the shelf out of sight for easy access at night with fence cutters.. And right put garden you go now its a matter of patience for your money. Can even list it on offer up while you wait to find a guaranteed buyer. Thats if ones not already found and listed before knowing what sold.