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lettuceLeafer wrote

In most states in the US that is a felony breaking and entering charge. Often times with maximum penalty of 10 years or more. Btw

No comment on it's effectiveness tho


FredDurstsHat wrote

I'm going to side with LL. This is a good plan under ideal circumstance. I think it's a greater risk than just grabbing them and running though. Sometimes the more simple plans work best. Either way good luck, and happy hunting.


Trizzle OP wrote

What makes it considered entering? Just the fact that i reached my arm in to grab a box?


lettuceLeafer wrote

I only know some of the legalize for some states. But in my knowledge there seems to be 3 parts to breaking n entering

1 knowingly trespassing

2 trespassing while carrying or using tools such as bolt cutters lockpicks ect

3 trespassing to commit a crime

Trespassing can differ state by state but often it requires you to have knowledge that you aren't allowed in an area. There being a gate would be the indicator you are not allowed to stick your arm through.

Tho dot just take my advice. In the US looking up many criminal laws is very accessible just look up breaking and entering laws in "insert your state here".

Often times the first result are from a law firm summarizing the legal documents in an accessible way for most people.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about

Heck in this article one of the examples is if breaking a car windows so you can grab a wallet in the seat but never enter the car is breaking n entering. Which is very similar to what you are talking about.


FredDurstsHat wrote

A lot of law is interpretation. I think you could MAYBE get away with your plan once, but in order to make sure it went off without a hitch you'd have to be at that store to figure out exactly the right place in the GC to do this at. If you were to get caught, they'd probably have the evidence to nail you. I'd just do a walkout.

Just my thoughts, based on MY experiences, and overall my opinion. Be safe comrade.


BigThief wrote

That is the way it should be done. What OP is wanting is breaking and entering.

If I can't push it out or conceal it it is not worth the risk.