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2389d93dh wrote (edited )

Watch youtube usually i search [store name] + shoplifting, research loss prevention policy/tactics/legality. Google is your scumbag friend and plan your lift according to times of busyness and escape route with maps. park your shit a decent distance away Browse the business's reddit or personal forums. read employee and customer reviews of the store to get a feel for the environment. are they sloppy? got shit morale?Overworked?Lines up and out of the ass? those are some nice check marks. Look into the weather and dress in accordance.Work on cardio and squats it'll fucking pay dividends and is great for any emergency. Lastly be confident, if youre worried then other people will feel it, people are pack animals and it is not a good idea to panic the herd.


this is decent enough channel to get some tips, also i am amateur myself


Shadowmarx17 OP wrote

Solid advice, thanks. Any other checkmarks for google research?


2389d93dh wrote (edited )

"See Photos" theres probably images of the interior of the store though many are probably dated

let me know how it works Dark Marx