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BigThief wrote

What do you intend to do with the SOD?

I would not lift at night. You will look sketchy as hell.

Most all of the plants at big chains are there on a sort of commission. The stores do not care if you steal them because it will not affect their bottom line.

Look for stores that have an external corral. Check Google Maps and visit the store at their busy times. Lunch time is usually a good time on Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

This might be obvious but do not load up a shitload of plants. Select the items you plan to use or sell and make multiple visits.


BigThief wrote (edited )

plant haul

This is one of many. I lifted over 200 Knock Out Roses, close to 500 Encore Azalias, 50+ Japanese Maples, dozens upon dozens of abelias, nandinas, sky pencils, lantanas, lilys... Easily north of 50k in plants.

This is easier to pull off in Spring and Fall. It is still doable in Summer but your selection will be limited and the plants available now are not well cared for with the current heat wave.


plantbandit wrote

Impressive. How?


BigThief wrote

Visit locations that have a plant corral, use a nursery cart, not the flat packs from lumber, load up with 6-8 plants and just walk to your car.

You can easily pickup plants at the front of the store but you are likely to have better quality cameras near by. Given the heat you can get away with wearing a wide brim hat and a mask.

My method takes time but I feel it is safer to be seen walking with a half dozen plants vs someone carrying a dozen plus. The nursery carts are no louder than a regular basket but all of the carts in lumber are metal, make a good bit of noise, and some of them have six wheels but only balance on four; you end making a lot of noise as the cart bouncing between traction on the front and rear wheels.


Subversive_Element wrote

No. Being summer, the sod is a popular item so there is usually an associate(s) nearby. Same with the outdoor corral with the bigger trees, bushes and plants. There is usually an associate watching over that corral but not always! The trees especially are bulky and heavy, as is the sod, so I don’t think they except those to be high risk items.

I’ve taken both before, BUT, i “found” an employee vest left on a forklift and i was able to wear it and grab about 20 rolls of sod before a confused “coworker” asked if I was stationed outside? Basically, once you get the stuff in the truck, it’s yours.

For the love of all things holy, remove your license plates while doing the job. Also, do it during weekend days, not nights.


Ttheremedyman wrote (edited )

I went to HD and would go directly to the sod/chips and load my truck up with the thinking that if they came out I would tell them I was going in to pay after I knew how much I could load and thought thats how it was supposed to be. By the end of the day I had 6 truckloads of bark and did a 6000 sf house plus dudes business completely. Only on the very last load did they come out and I cleaned them out completely of bark. This was a couple years ago but I know you could easily do it today. You have plausible deniability.