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I’m interested in “Acquiring” a laptop, I’m guessing from a big box store. The stores that come to mind are W@lly, T@rgat, Breast bye, Office Deep-o, and St@ples.

Some of these places have tight security, some lax (in my experience). A lot of these places have laptops in the back storage, behind the counter, or behind locked display.

If its spider wrapped, i can disarm it, I might be willing to “accidentally” walk into a store room while looking for the bathroom… I’m guessing I’ll just do a walkout, but it’s getting a physical laptop that is the hard part.

Anyone have a good idea about different stores or possible methods? From high end laptop to mid-level, I just need one for multi purpose usage.




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Commonlifter69 wrote

BB is pretty good, I've walked out with things as big as a gaming monitor and people don't really bat an eye. You just need to time it well, and get a door greeter which doesn't pay attention to what is entering and exiting the store. Unfortunately you can only get a 700ish$ laptop like this, as the moreexpensive ones are usually locked up.


AllthewayLeft wrote

Go to illegal life tips on reddit. I have seen people talking about the things they do and I wouldn't do it, but it looks safer than stealing. I think it's all too crazy. but hey i don't judge. I just wouldn't risk any of it. My way of getting back at them is to buy stuff on clearance or used or borrow from friends, instead of buying new.