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For the past few weeks I've just been feeling SOL when it comes to figuring out what to lift next. I ran a decently sized operation in my area at the beginning of the year, hitting all the office depots and cleaning out their most expensive keyboards and mice and then reselling for cash. However, it seems like it has dried up ever since May, where I believe they've grown wise to the fact that they're being stolen so they've taken them off the shelves. It also seems like the market has dried up- not getting as many buyers as before, most likely because I've saturated the market for these types of products. I only made around 5k doing this.

Does anyone have ideas for other products that I could start selling? Ideally I would like to know of something that is small, expensive, easy to get to, and sells well. Also is it safe to do shipping? i've always stayed away from shipping and electronic payments since that could get linked to my bank, so I've only done in-person pickup sales in cash.



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BorrowingBrov wrote (edited )

my go-to is jewelry. you can easily get a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff from small shops or at least you can around where I live. semi-prescious stones and gold plated shit is usually $50-100 and they're tiny so its easy to stuff your pockets. i think ebay or something like that is risky though so id pawn them somewhere far enough away from where you got them. maybe you can even say you made them and sell them on etsy or some shit idk.

ik that probably wont be enough but at least it's something

happy lifting.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote


I assume you mean the watches at WMart because any other jewelry ANYWHERE is locked up in cases or show counters, and if they take it out for you then you have to pay for it right there at the local register.


Dr_Fuckem wrote

Home Depot gift cards. Easy to sell and easy to get. Take a barcode from a 5 gallon bucket of the cheapest drywall primer ($30), scan and print it on label paper, them have a buddy go place them over all the barcodes of some expensive Behr paint (around $200) then you go up there and buy them for the price of the cheap shit. You want a buddy to do this so that they can't roll tapes and say you swapped barcodes, itll look like you unknowingly grabbed these on the video and we 5thAfter shift change, go back and return the paint buckets without a reciept for a gift card. I do about 6 at a time for a nice $1200 gift card. Low risk, high gain.


dezertdwellr wrote

Arent the home depot gift cards tied to your name/ license now when you return without a receipt?


AnnieAreYouOK wrote

Returns without a receipt are tied to a license scan. It also has to be a believable license. If they scan the barcode on the back and it does not populate your information the return will be denied.