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I recently thought up of a plan that could potentially make tons of money in a matter of months, which involves lifting small, expensive, unpopular items (think smoke detectors and the like) and then returning them for store credit, using the store credit to purchase something much more desirable items like a power drill, and selling it for cash.

What I know about the returns system is that many stores have a database, called The Retail Equation(TRE), which tracks returns from each customer to detect fraud. This is why returning for store credit usually requires you to present some form of ID in the form of a drivers license, and your credentials are logged into the TRE system with a swipe of the license. However, TRE does not have access to official government databases, so it does not know the veracity of the info being given.

With this in mind, I’m looking for a reliable fake ID vendor. The quality of the front doesn’t need to be great, as the people I’m contending with are cashiers who are likely not too keen on fake IDs like a bartender would be. The magnetic strip on the back, however, is important, since they swipe the card to read it. I would also need multiple licenses, likely more than 10, each with their own different names, addresses, and other credentials, so I can pretty much get unlimited store credit. I would also like to know if my plan sounds promising.



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GreenGiant wrote

You will fail at this. There are way more nuances to return fraud.

You are correct that TRE is a major factor. However, your ID will need to be scannable when they scan it. If the license QR does not pull up the data to match your name, DOB, and address you will immediately fail at your return.

Returning lifted items is best done in bulk. Save up a ton of items and return them at one time for a large amount of credit. TRE is based around the frequency of the returns. You are usually limited to 3 transactions within 18 months. The way to get around this is to have a passport and visit the DMV and get an ID card. This then allows you 9 returns. Even better if you can team up with someone; each added person is 9 more transactions.

FYI this also immediately fails at Home Depot. They stopped accepting no receipt returns 80ish days ago.


Commonlifter69 OP wrote

First off, thank you for your input. On the issue of the QR code’s, I did some research, and it doesn’t seem like the code linked to a government database, which is a relief. It stores information in the form of text, which a scanner can read. I’m willing to spend up to 200$ for each license, since I should easily be able to make over $1k+ off of each license with if I use it at 3 stores that use TRE as well as at stores which don’t. If I get an expensive fake that is made for fooling bartenders and the like, the manufacturer should be able to print a QR code which matches the information that is used on the front right?


coinin9hands wrote

5thfloordmv makes excellent scannable fakes. my old partner had a new mexico for a while which always scanned perfectly


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

@GreenGiant: Wrong! There are NO nuances whatsoever to return fraud. Retail workers don't have any way of tracking people. I know because I've worked behind retail counters and I've processed tons of transactions of ALL kinds! So don't make it sound like you know what you're talking about.

There is nothing the slightest bit complicated about a return. It's all in the hands of the employee logged in to the sales terminal computer. They can do it with no questions asked or they ask for your ID. Of course, it doesn't mean you have to provide it, and it doesn't mean you have to walk away if you don't want to provide ID either.

At most retail places, the first request you'll hear when you say you want to return something is for your ID. It's just a smoke screen, mostly because they just don't want to do returns. If you push back and ask to see a manager, tell them you don't have ID, and that the sales terminal screen doesn't require ID to be input, and that you'll call the Corporate office, you'll be surprised at how they'll cave in and do the return, almost immediately.

... To be Continued.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

... Continued ...

That being said, the whole enterprise of returns isn't worth the effort IF you can manage to get your hands on a very good replica of a driver's licence (and by 'good' I mean one that's actually printed on the right kind of material -- PVC plastic -- and has good print resolution, possibly even a hologram, that makes it look genuine to a non-expert, i.e. to someone who's not a government employee).

If you have that kind of ID (in any name and date of birth) then you can simply nurse that as a (fictitious) identity. That means you can use this identity to apply for credit cards and loans (credit cards for sure, one at a time and it should get easier after the first one, as this "identity" builds good credit). Max out the cards through purchases and ATM cash advances, and you never have to pay them back. They're more than welcome to go after the "identity", which hopefully will not be in your real name.

Rinse and repeat, with another driver's licence in another name. This will make a river of money in due time. The hard part is securing a source for these ID's, a source that won't scam you and just take your money, that is.

As much as people swear by certain online providers of "novelty" ID, I have no reason to believe that they're anything other than scammers. The do promise something illegal in high demand, and they do want you pay first, right?