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GreenGiant wrote

You should stop lifting at the same stores multiple times. Your luck will run out.. and it is luck. Home Depot has had massive shrink since Covid. They are still hands off but they have good cameras and do use facial recognition.

Search the location in and visit the store during their busiest hours. You will want to do this for 2-4 weeks. Make a note of how busy they are, how many cashiers are available and if any extra staff are watching the doors. You want the holy trinity of return desk busy, multiple people in line, and no one is dedicated to watching the door.

The actual lift will be quite easy. Go ahead of time the day you are planning this. Test out several flat bed carts and find one that is easy to maneuver and does not make a lot of noise. You will want to find a generator that is not stacked two or more high. Wedge the cart with something or against a rack, lift one end of the generator onto the cart and then pull or push it all the way onto the cart. I would not take the Dewalt generator they are source tagged. After that it is all about looking confident and just pushing it out the door. I have picked up two of Ego Power generators and not had any issues.


chris2c OP wrote

Appreciate the tips ...I think you gave me the confidence push I needed....that pretty much how I got a 18v and a,40v mower...alot of it is about confidence....

I understand what you are saying about the sercuirty and I have had to leave a few carts behind cuz I had that feeling... But every time I go in there on my toes every time I leave I'm still amazed.... Probably jinxing myself but every time I go in there waiting for somebody to stop me at that door and nobody does... Yesterday I walked right past the Home Depot employee at the door I only had one thing in my hand but I still walk right past him he didn't say nothing....

I keep telling myself it's because I am not trying to get rich off of doing this but instead getting what I need and to help others ...a guy helped meove a playground and he mentioned needinga 40v weedeat so on the way home I stop and pick one up including numerous other thing ...

For the generator I will probably travel so I have a fresh place and fresh eyes watching....

Can I message you on here or somewhere else? Kinda want to pick your brain


GreenGiant wrote

Feel free to DM me or I can send you a throwaway email to chat with.