Submitted by JimmyFro in Illegalism

i have this big cereal box (not the skinny ones) that i use to stuff anything i want from a store, my mom sees me leaving the house with this cereal box and she thinks im some idiot in the street with a cereal box. in reality, there is a hole on the other side where i stuff whatever i want. guess whos the real idiot now?



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Vulgar_Soda wrote

What kind of cereal? I like Fruity Pebbles.

guess whos the real idiot now?

Not you, Jimmy. That much I know.


Mossey wrote

Fruity Pebbles is the BEST cereal hands down!


JimmyFro OP wrote

its actually a 3 in 1 cerial box. Trix, Coco puffs, and lucky charms. i only like coco puffs tho.


whipskid wrote

Lmao awesome! There's been comments recently about pesky family members questioning about borrowed items and how to avoid suspicion when transitioning to eating higher quality food brands and expensiver clothings. Its funny to hear that your mom doesn't have suspicion or wonder about your choice to leave the house with a cereal box. What's your pretext for if she or someone asks why?


JimmyFro OP wrote

She asked me plenty of times. i just keep my mouth shut. and everytime i bring something to the house. i tell her is the 200$ i received from 5 months ago. those 200$ been wasted, she dont know that tho.