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Dollar General: A Few Questions

OK - so got stopped with a less-than-$10 item concealed. Manager followed me out to the car and held the car door open so I couldn't close it. She says I can either come inside and settle it there, or she'll call police. So I go inside. She takes my pic with her phone and copies my driver license. She says I am now in the DG "system", banned from every DG, that if I go into any one the cops will be called immediately. She says they use "facial recognition" and my info. will pop up somehow. She lets me go with no cops and nothing in writing - I didn't sign anything.

The questions are: 1. Do they have a no-chase policy, and if so can I report her for chasing me out to the car and holding the door open, and if so, how to report? 2. Does DG have facial recognition? 3. She also says they have cameras that you can't see and where you wouldn't expect them to be - True? 4. Does any of this sound like exaggerated scare tactics, or, what is true if anything? 5. Chances of being prosecuted later for this incident? - is it worth their time & expense for a less-than-$10 item?

Also, there was one other employee in the store busy at the register and not involved on this.

I'm not going into this DG again, but pondering whether to go to a few others after a cool-down?




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howtuffareyou wrote

Complete Fabricated Bullshit.

A manager tried telling me this, and I'll tell you the story right after the answers to your problems.

  1. This depends if you were still on their property, which means the parking lot is included, so she wouldn't of have gotten in trouble, not to mention she didn't technically use any force or grabbed you to stop.

  2. I'm not saying they 100% don't, but it's so unlikely. If you live in a rich neighborhood where every store has a camera, then probably but even that, the chances are slim, so you can go in any different DG without issue.

  3. No, DG only has the cameras that are exposed and noticable, they wouldn't have hideable cameras. Again, I'm not 100% sure since I don't know how your DG is, but my friend works at DG and he said that there is no "hidden cameras".

  4. Yes. Especially if you're a teen, you might be scared of this. I know I was.

  5. HA DUDE! GOOD ONE! Cops wouldnt give two shits even if you stole $40 worth of items. It's just not worth opening a case and using all their time just to locate you and give you a misdemeanor and probably a fine. If the manager did call 911, they would tell her to suck it up.

Overall, you're good, and if you want to go back to a dollar general (different location obviously) don't be scared to. DG system is total bullshit.

For the storytime, I'll make it quick. I was caught stealing a few sodas and snacks for my friend. It was around $15 worth of stuff. I for some reason stayed back while my friend bolted out of there. The manager also took a picture of my face and said that I was banned from all dollar generals in city. He said he'll also be calling the cops and told me to wait there. Guess what? Instead of running I still waited. I don't know why or what I was thinking, but I just thought at the time I'd get a felony for running away.

A few minutes later he came back and all he said was "Get out of here don't come back", and I left. He either lied about calling the cops or the cops told me to suck it up.

About a year pasts and I go back there and he didn't seem to know who I was. I stole there again because I am a kleptomaniac and can't learn to keep my hands off stuff. Haven't got caught since.

(This story is not trying to encourage you to go back to that DG btw. Don't go back there. Once your banned, youre banned. Chances are she will recognize you. Maybe wait a year)


A_Plus wrote

haha good story, the store employee must have felt like a moron when he called the cops and realized they are not gonna respond to someone stealing some soda and junk food. Some of these store employees act like they are busting murderers when they catch shoplifters, its funny and a little sad at the same time because these employees are at the bottom of the store's pecking order so they shouldn't care that much. Stealing from a store that has overpriced everything compared to what it takes to produce the stuff is a good thing in my book. haha


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

Did you know you were being followed? If yes, then why would you go directly to your car and give away your license plates? The one and only time I got stopped in the parking lot I gave back the item and told the guy I wasn't coming with him, and walked away. He didn't chase me but I could hear him behind me, threatening to write down my license plates as soon as I got in my car. I said I wasn't getting into any car, and indeed I didn't, not right away. I left the parking lot on foot and walked a few blocks before coming back for my car, with my hat off this time and making sure he was gone, which he was. He had nothing on me!

As for her holding your car door, I'm pretty sure that's illegal and you could've told her that. They're also not supposed to make threats of calling the cops. It's about as legal as a collection agency threatening criminal charges if shoplifter doesn't pay the amount on the collection letter.

So you could've called her bluff and asked her to let go of your car door. Chances are she would've folded, with a flushed face. That being said, I'm not going to lie to you, although it's highly unlikely that she'd call the cops or the cops would pursue the matter, it's not unheard of. Out of the thousands of police departments in the US, there's always some bored cop with nothing to do during the day.


rhs OP wrote

OK thx all for replies. Even though someone above says it's unlikely that DG has facial recognition, but they're not 100% sure, does anyone know for sure if that have it and any experience with it with DG? If I decide whether to go back in the distant future I'd like to figure how much to change my look.