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A third party that I know is very motivated to ensure that an item of value disappears from a home in their neighborhood. They dont desire a percentage or any payment, and can provide partial access as well as information regarding the homeowners schedule on the condition that they remain unimplicated. Anything that occurs after entry is irrelevant to them, with the obvious exception that the item does indeed go missing.

How exactly would one go about organizing such a venture?



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whipskid wrote (edited )

You'll have to break in and organize all of their furniture in a radical new layout. That way when they notice the item of value has gone missing they'll attribute the item as misplaced "during the big reorganization" and so they won't immediately sound the alarm and ideally will hold hope to find it "when we get around to deconstructing the new blanket fort."

The goal should be to move as much stuff around that way they'll hold onto the belief that they might find the valued item, once they've settled into their improved living conditions, which will hopefully take a long while depending on how much you were able to reorganize their home interior.

All changes to their furniture organization should be well thought out and good design. That way they'll be left looking for their valued item with the hope and expectation of finding it "somewhere new, but in the right place, once we figure out where that is".

That's the basic-ness of it. Trust yourself and get organized!